Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Autumn Tree Nail Tutorial

 Hello there!  Today I'd like to teach you how to paint sponged autumn trees on your nails.

Autumn Tree Nail Tutorial

1. Optional base coat
2. Apply as many coats of white nail polish as needed for a solid white.

3. Apply autumn leaf colors (orange, red, brown, tan all are good choices) to a sponge.

4. Sponge the tip to middle of each nail to make the leaves.

5. Apply a dark brown polish using a toothpick, line brush, or nail art brush to make the tree trunk and branches. Start at the base with a thicker line that tapers towards the tip like a tree. Make thin lines coming off into the sponged leaves for branches.

6. Apply more sponged leaves on top if desired.
7. Apply gold sparkles on the leaves of one nail on each hand (like the ring or middle finger) or all fingers for extra sparkle.

8. Apply clear top coat to seal

Remember to let each coat dry completely before applying the new coat.
Use a q-tip with polish remover to clean up mistakes along the edges of nails

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