Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Moon Manicure

After finding my favorite top coat that I had recently lost, I was motivated to do a spring manicure cute enough to share. I’ve been into moon manicures lately and I think they’re underrated, so that’s what I decided on.

I used On a Trip from Wet N’ Wild Megalast for my main color, Energy Source from Color Craze for the accents, and Colorstay Revlon Always On Sealant for a topcoat.

Step One - If you’re lucky enough to have perfectly shaped moons you can use that as a guide, if not paint a curve almost mirroring your cuticle from one corner up a bit and back down to the other corner of your cuticle then brush up from the curve to the top of the nail to fill in the rest of the nail. You can also use half of a paper hole reinforcement if you want to make sure it’s perfect! Second coat should be much easier freehanded, just follow along the part you already painted. 

Step Two - Get a bit of your accent color on the tip of a toothpick and dab onto the nail just above the moon to create a dot. Repeat all along the moon, I used 4 dots but you might need more or less depending on the size of your nails.

Step Three - Paint on a layer of topcoat for shine and protection.

Always make sure each coat is dry before moving onto the next… after realizing I was most likely playing volleyball the next day I kind of rushed through some of it and ended up smearing my dots on a few fingers. Of course volleyball was cancelled so I messed up my nails for no reason and wish I had just taken my time.