Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Easy DIY Dollar Store Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A while back, I read an article stating that a great way to make your house a happier place is to display fresh flowers.  Well, I tried this and I learned one thing - whoever wrote that article does not have four bad cats!  After the third cycle of mopping up water and rearranging half-eaten buds, I realized that this tip is simply not going to work for me.

I thought about using fake flowers, but one look at the prices at my local craft stores sent me into sticker shock.  Each little cluster of flowers was anywhere from $7 - $15, and I would need at least five of them to make it look full.  Too rich for my blood!  So I quickly forgot about flowers and moved on with my life.

Fast forward to now.  The temperatures are dropping and we're spending more and more time indoors.  I was looking for some way to dress our house up a little for the upcoming holiday, and my eyes again were drawn once again to the empty spot on my kitchen table that had once, very briefly, been improved by a vase of flowers.  Maybe the cats would behave better now?  Not a chance.  Maybe for prices at the craft stores had dropped?  Sadly, no.

In passing, I wistfully mentioned my dilemma to my sister - and do you know what she told me?  They sell fake flowers at the dollar store!  Of course!  Why didn't I think of that?  So I jumped in my car and drove out straight away to finally - FINALLY - create the centerpiece I had craved.

I bought five springs of foliage - two flowers, two leaves (one with berries, one without), and one set of cattail-esque puffs.  I also bought some floral foam to hold them all.  This pack actually contained four pieces of foam, but I only used one.  That's three more arrangements I can make!  I used a container that I already had at home, but they had tons of glass jars and vases that I could have used as well.

I crammed one of the foam blocks into my vase, and it was a perfect fit!

I pushed it down far enough to make sure that it could not be seen over the top and then started filling it up.


I love my results!  I think five sprigs worked out really well; they filled my space without looking too bushy.  And really, for being from the dollar store they don't look half bad.  My cats are especially fond of the long bits sticking out the top -  but they have not knocked it over!

My total cost for this project was a mere $5.25 - totally worth the price.  I will definitely be making more centerpieces from the dollar store.