Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meals With Mom - Graveyard Cake

Welcome to the first installment of Meals With Mom - another new monthly feature here on Proper Wolf.  This month we are making a spooky graveyard cake for Halloween!

First things first, you'll need to make a cake.  We made a black midnight cake (which is an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe), but you can pretty much use whatever kind of cake you like best. 

If you do decide to use this recipe for black midnight cake, keep in mind that your cake batter will be very watery.  That's okay, it's supposed to look like that.  Don't worry - you didn't screw anything up!

Don't our parents have the most beautifully rustic kitchen supplies?  I mean seriously - they've got homemade vanilla extract!

Okay, so now you've got a nice cake, fresh from the oven.

Go gather some cake decorating supplies.  You'll need, at the very least, some Vienna Fingers, whipped topping, and a base coat of icing.  We also got some tubes of colored icing and some decorative bones/eye ball candies at our local Aldi.

Now give that cake a nice thick coating of icing.  We used black, but you could use brown or green as well.  This is going to be the dirt for your graveyard.

Next, add some grass.  We used green sprinkles/jimmies.

If you want to write on your "tombstones", that should be your next step.  We put them in the fridge so they'd harden up and not drip when we stuck them in the cake.

Decorate your graveyard however you like.  We made a pumpkin, some leaves, some vines, and some worms.  We also added some of the bone and eye ball candies.

Now add your cookie tombstones and a few dollops of whipped topping ghosts.  We painted faces on our ghosts with the tube of black frosting, and added creepy green and purple ooze to the tombstones.

Ta-da!  You're finished!  Enjoy your creepy Graveyard Cake!

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